Justin Guthrie 

Freelance Photographer currently based in Los Angeles, CA

Birthed by a Navajo (DinĂ©)/Hispanic woman and a Scottish cowboy in 1993, Justin was split into two sides of the American dream, the conqueror and the conquered. Attending Indigenous ceremonies with his mother since the time he was a baby really had an impact in terms of how he saw the modern world he was simultaneously brought up into. One weekend seeing an actual rain dance, the next weekend watching Ren and Stimpy with his father. This dichotomy of the old world and the new world plays an integral part in how Justin uses photography to make sense of his reality at large, it's his tool to decipher his mixed blood. These works are not European nor are they Native American, they are a combined experience of someone who can see through the lens of each culture, to perhaps shed light on the middle ground each respectively share. 



Diamond Grade, Etiquette Gallery, Santa Fe, NM


Stray Dogs, Finishing Concepts, Los Angeles, CA


Visitors, Insect Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Skidmark16, 8-HSD, Peoria, IL


Spring Cleaning, Long Giang Dang, New York City, NY


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